Campaigns fight over ‘lipstick’ –


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2 Responses to “Campaigns fight over ‘lipstick’ –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    I’m not an Obama supporter but anybody that listened to Obama’s comments in full would clearly be able to hear that he was not making any reference to Palin at all. He was referring to notion that McCain is now calling for ‘change’ as well but is not being sincere.

    I truly hope that McCain and Palin will do the right thing and put this one to rest by telling their campaign folks to ‘lay off’ the Obama comment that again, clearly, has been mischaracterized.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    Again, let’s be clear…..Senator McCain, nor Governor Palin, have yet to comment on this latest controversy stirred up by the Republican campaign folks accusing Senator Obama of suggesting something that clearly is not the case.

    Most of the ‘mud slinging’ we see is always started by the campaigns folks from both sides saying and/or doing things that are over the top, not by the candidates themselves. However, I fully expect that the candidates themselves will condemn anything that comes from their campaign that is considered ‘out of line’ and ‘over the top’ . To not do anything, is unacceptable.

    Again, Senator McCain and/or Governor Palin simply need to denounce this so we can all ‘move on’!

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