Mizzou builds lead, holds off Memphis for spot in Elite Eight – USATODAY.com


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One Response to “Mizzou builds lead, holds off Memphis for spot in Elite Eight – USATODAY.com”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    What an awesome game……….Memphis just spotted Mizzou too many points to try and come back from. 🙂

    Sure hate to see this year’s group of players (A. Anderson, R. Dozier, and S. Taggert) go, just as much as I hated to see last year’s group (D. Rose, J. Dorsey, and C. D. R.) move on. What a wonderful four year ride it has been with this class of recruits. These type players do not come through very often. Best players Memphis Tigers has ever had….period.

    To those players leaving this year and last………thanks for the wonderful memories. You guys are what make the game fun to watch and you made it fun for the fans. You are class acts on and off the court and were truly a joy to watch. Best wishes to you and yours in whatever life’s journies bring.

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