Nadal outlasts Federer to win his first title at Australian Open –


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One Response to “Nadal outlasts Federer to win his first title at Australian Open –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    It’s great to see two ‘good guys’ of any sport do well. They are as professional as they come.

    I think this is wonderful for the sport and will be good for Roger in the end. He now has ‘someone’, rather than ‘something’ , to help motivate him even more to become even better than he already is.

    A glimpse into the future?

    For Roger, this will be much more a ‘mental’ struggle to overcome than physical. Roger has a gift and was made for tennis so his body will last much longer and allow him to play the tennis at the level he needs. He just need to become mentally tougher, which is where Nadal will help him. You know he wants the ‘all-time’ Grand Slam title record really bad since he has come this far and is so close. He will get it eventually and it will be on his best surface….grass. Last year, his bout with Mono got the best of him and probably cost him Wimbeldon. This year so far, he appears to be physically back so I expect him to take Wimbeldon again, if he wants it bad enough.

    Nadal will rule the other surfaces for awhile until his body gives out.

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