Powell endorses Obama for president – USATODAY.com


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2 Responses to “Powell endorses Obama for president – USATODAY.com”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    I have always admired Secretary of State Powell and still do even after his endorsement of Senator Obama but this “transformational” talk scares me. He obviously is abandoning many of his conservative principles too because you can’t have it both ways. I would argue this country needs to be truly conservative during this time in our history, not merely “transformational”. Obama’s record says he will be extreme to the left, not even moderately close to moderate, much less conservative. Plus he will have the likes of Pelosi and Reid to allow him to go ‘Unchecked”. Most Americans would welcome transformation but not of this kind.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    Actually the more I think about this latest nonsensical endorsement by a so called conservative, the more it could play in the favor of Repubs. For a conservative to see another fellow conservative stick a knife in McCain’s back, as Secretary of State Powell has essentially done, should do nothing more than fire up the conservative base even more. It has certainly fired me up and I hope it will do the same for others.

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