Colts fans angry as unbeaten season ends with loss to Jets –


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2 Responses to “Colts fans angry as unbeaten season ends with loss to Jets –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    The Colts organization and the National Football League need to reassess in my opinion why they are there in the first place. If it were not for the fans paying to see the games, there would be no football. The fans come to see their team W-I-N football games to the best of their ability. Let the rest of the chips (potential season ending injuries and the like) fall by the waste side. You are going to start to see fans stay away from games in droves if they continue to pull stunts like yesterday. Very sloppy decision making. I bet the players that had to sit down were not happy either.

    If I am a Colt fan going to yesterday’s game to root my team on so they could try and do what no other football team has done since the ’72 Dolphins (and yes even better that!!), then I leave the game not to return again(Ever!!) when they start pulling starters to try and “preserve them”. Imagine their disappointment. In my opinion, it is just another sign that the NFL is all about money now. It is a shame.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    “Its no big deal. The real prize is the superbowl. Having a perfect season only sets you up as a target in the playoffs. The ’72 Dolphins would not be perfect in today’s parity world. Get over it.”

    You do realize the Jets and Colts could meet again in the playoffs. What if the Jets beat the Colts then (which in my opinion they would surely deserve)? Then what will everyone be thinking then? You play to win….always….period.

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