Conan O’Brien’s ratings soar amid dispute with NBC –


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One Response to “Conan O’Brien’s ratings soar amid dispute with NBC –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    Leno ‘should a, could a’ done the right thing and said “leave the Tonight Show out of this, I’m not interested in going back to my old timeslot on NBC or any other network” but he didn’t and that is where the problem is.

    Of course the NBC execs are going to support Leno because it’s all about “the ratings” for them. So I see this whole mess as starting with NBC and Leno’s failed attempt at prime time and simply ending with Leno refusing to move to his old slot and/or this silly notion of Leno somehow saving the late night ratings slide for NBC and the Tonight Show. He should not have left the Tonight Show in the first place if it is true he would accept this latest desparate move by NBC. I also don’t blame O’Brien for wanting to leave either after NBC’s one sided stand against him.

    Again, Leno holds the answer to this if he would just “do the right thing”.

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