FBI team will re-enact Fort Hood massacre – USATODAY.com


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One Response to “FBI team will re-enact Fort Hood massacre – USATODAY.com”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    A troubled soul, no doubt, with anger issues but the mosque he attended should be investigated as a precautionary measure to make sure it did not contriubute in any way to this horrific act.

    Also, I don’t think our counter measures are strict enough and this is just yet another example. For him to be in the military too, you would think someone would have noticed his instability enough to keep an eye on him. Weren’t there any warning signs? Call it profiling but these type people that harbor such anger/resentment really need to be tagged (kinda like we treat sex offenders) in society so that we can keep closer tabs on them. We just can’t be too careful nowadays.

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