Jets’ confidence flying high after shocking Chargers 17-14 –


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One Response to “Jets’ confidence flying high after shocking Chargers 17-14 –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    Way to go Jets!!! Two down and two to go. The next game? No pressure. Just play your game in the AFC championship game and you will be fine to. You see all the pressure is squarely on the Colts.

    The Colts? Why just the Colts? Well you see they have to win now. Well, they had to win before but they really really must win this game coming up. And it is not just because they are expected to win but more important than that – they must win to prevent total embarassment for themselves, their fans and yes, the National Football League itself.

    You see when you play around like you did on Dec. 27th (which already made their fans mad) and then you wind up losing against the same team in the AFC championship game, your fans (and all NFL fans) have a right to not only be mad but to stop coming to your games and to stop watching. I believe all fans are starting to take note of teams that are pulling back towards the end of a season and whether it works to a team’s advantage or not. Does it? Will it for the Colts? We’ll see. But it is my belief that this is a very slippery slope the NFL is allowing teams to embark on and there will ultimately be negative fallout. And yes, the carryover effect to other teams and their fans will persist. And we will be watching the Colts to see how that move on Dec. 27 will pan out.

    We all know that the Colts aren’t the first to try that bonehead move on Dec. 27th. But it garnered much attention because of its significance (not only because the team they were playing on the 27th still had a chance to make it to the playoffs at the time, which we now know they did, thanks to the Colts) but also because they happen to be chasing history at the time. So make no mistake about it, all of the NFL and their fans will be watching and watching closely this weekend at the Colts/Jets rematch and don’t think the Colts don’t know it (or feel it). You play to win every game and you let the chips fall where they may, right? Isnt’ that what Coach Lombardi, Coach Landry, etc. etc always preached and did? Simply said, to do so, prevents things like what may indeed happen to the Colts from ever happening. Now the Colts have themselves (and all the NFL, in my mind) in a pickle because they did NOT let the chips fall where they may. You start playing games with your games like the NFL is doing by allowing teams to pull starters towards the end of a season and you will start to see the fan base erode, plain and simple.

    So you better believe the Colts have pressure but the pressure will be more than they have every felt. Management and coaches will try to forget about that stupid decison on Dec. 27 but the media and the fans will not, nor should they, let them forget. Make no mistake, I think the Colts organization is one of the best in the league and they normally represent themselves, their fans, and the NFL exceptionally well. But they messed up on Dec. 27th and now they are trying to save not just themselves but the entire NFL from embarassment and potentially much worse. Will the pressure be too much? We’ll see. The Jets? Just play your game and you will be fine. The rest of us are counting on you to teach the NFL a hard lesson.

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