Jets validate Rex’s confidence, beat Bengals 24-14 to move on –


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etIcon.gifJets validate Rex’s confidence, beat Bengals 24-14 to move on –*
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One Response to “Jets validate Rex’s confidence, beat Bengals 24-14 to move on –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    May I rant a little?

    I found this quote from an article off the website “The Scores Report” and the title of the article was “Did the Bengals lay down just so they could face the Jets again?” referring to last week’s (week 17) thrashing of the Jets over the Bengals.

    “I still doubt that Marvin Lewis got his players together and said, “Go out there and trip over yourselves for 60 minutes.” But one has to wonder if the Bengals didn’t have ulterior motives last night. Think about it, had they beaten the Jets, they would have had to play a Houston team that had already smacked them in Cincinnati during the regular season. If they lost, they got to face that same Jets team with a rookie quarterback making his first postseason appearance on the road. Why would the Bengals go all out for a semi-meaningless game?”

    Based on the results of yesterday’s game, I’d say the Bengals should have played to win against the Jets and took care of business on week 17 and let the rest take care of itself. They might still be alive in the playoffs if they had.

    So will the coaches and management of teams in the NFL ever get passed this notion that somehow ‘resting your players’ or ‘sitting down starters to somehow “preserve” them for games that really matter’ is beneficial?

    BTW, I would argue that the game last week against the Jets in week 17 was a game that mattered and mattered a whole lot(as did, incidently, the previous matchup between the Jets and Colts) which is even more astounding that the Bengals would approach week 17 as if it was a ‘preseason’ matchup. Now all the Bengals are left to do is wonder and ask themselves, “what if”. Why not take the second guessing out of it and always do your best and play to win. Let the rest take care of itself. Statistics will even show, you will fare better in the end.

    Finally, I fear that if this mentality to rest or preserve players towards the end of a season does not change, the NFL is going to start to lose their fan base. Must have already started because it has the attention of Commish Goodell. He says that he wants to address the issue by coming up with ways to improve “incentives” to the players and organizations so they will play all out until season’s end. If that is the case, then we truly have lost sight of what is important in the game. Should their be more incent given to teams than to play to win and play for the fans? How about a ‘get back to basics class on why you play the game to begin with’? Many seemed to have forgotten.

    Okay, I feel better now. Rant over.

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