Lawyer: Family in balloon incident ‘under siege’ –


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3 Responses to “Lawyer: Family in balloon incident ‘under siege’ –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    This is very troubling and I pray for the family that the parents will seek help…..but they are gonna have to pay for their actions, in the meantime. The poor kids are the victims here.

    I hope ABC will yank their Wife Swap episode too, if they have not already shown it, or at least destroy it to not be shown ever again. In fact, why don’t they just drop that show altogether?…..would be okay by me, anyway.

    Finally, I think that this should serve as a warning to the producers of reality TV to be extra careful who they allow to be on their shows. You have nut cases like this who will continue to use this platform to get all the attention they apparently are seeking and that is the worst thing they need. No doubt, the attention Richard Heene got from Wife Swap only served to embolden him further to try something as idiotic and dangerous as the ‘balloon stunt’. So we should hold this ‘Reality TV’ obsession as partly responsible or at least as serving as an ‘enabler’.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    “retiredcop (0 friends, send message) wrote: 2m ago
    Joan719 (0 friends, send message) wrote: 5m ago
    My first thought, seeing the whole family huddled together on TV, was the frightened looks on their children’s faces. It is very good that child protective services are investigating these looney parents. So sad for the children that the parents have set such a bad example for them. Hopefully, one or both parents will find themselves in prison for awhile. God bless their children and watch over them.

    I can tell you from experience that there are many more disfunctional families out there where the children need help.

    They’ll never receive that help because there’s no publicity and nobody cares.”

    Excellent point, retiredcop, and so true. I know of one dysfunctional family who has done the equivalent to their child by teaching them that lying is okay and yet the backwards county they live in only served as an enabler to allow the child to continue to live with them, instead of with family members who know better and can raise the child the proper way. So sad……..

    If it takes Reality TV to bring this kind of attention to a dysfunctional family to force the end result of Children Protective Services to take a hard look at this family, that is sad. We parade these type families in front of our TV’s every night because it brings good ratings and yet meanwhile many of them are hurting and the kids continue to be victimized by it all.

    In my opinion, we ought to use the Wife Swap type shows to shine a spotlight on these dysfunctional families and at the end have Child Protective Services, investigate all of them. Now that would be productive and doing the right thing, rather than exploiting this for money and a ‘ratings game’. Anyway, we need to do something because our backwards court system isn’t doing enough and meanwhile our kids are suffering.

  3. jbintenn Says:

    “User Image
    Personal Opinion (45 friends, send message) wrote: 5m ago
    Interesting interview

    The woman who traded place with henees wife on Wife swap”


    Yeah I heard her give an interview on Friday where she was defending this guy, Richard Heene. Probably had not received her payment yet from doing the ‘Wife Swap’ show and did not want to jeopardize that. Been refreshing if she or just anyone from the Wife Swap show could have alerted someone that the parents needed help and that the kids wellbeing was in jeopardy while all that filming was going on. But that would not make for a good show or ratings, would it?

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