More walk away from homes, mortgages –


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One Response to “More walk away from homes, mortgages –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    Something has got to give somewhere. Much much harder to make ends meet today and oh yeah, by the way, own your own home too, than it was a generation or two ago. No doubt, cost of living has way way outpaced earning growth as a whole and there lies much of the problem.

    I remember my father made decent money, still considered respectable today, and my parents only had to pay $13,000 for a brand new 1500 sq ft house when they first started out in the mid 60’s. There second house was paid for with cash….all the while raising three kids. Granted they also knew how to live within their means, which also contributes to many misfortunes today, no doubt. But nevertheless, when cost of living rises much faster than our salaries, then we are already at a huge disadvantage to start with.

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