Murray makes men’s final after Serena, Henin win at Australian –


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One Response to “Murray makes men’s final after Serena, Henin win at Australian –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    Good for Henin….good for Williams…..good for Murray……good for ????

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Why wasn’t the other men’s semifinal played? It just hit me that they have staggered the tournament play schedule on the men’s side (or it has become that way for some reason) and how then is that going to be fair for whoever wins the Federer-Tsonga match? In other words, unless Murray just blows it, he will probably win the final and be the next Australian Open men’s champ. That extra day of rest becomes huge.

    Seems like another major had the same thing happen last year but I can’t recall which one. Talk about taking the fun out of it. I’ll probably still watch it this time but I am quickly losing interest in any and all professional sports that, in my opinion “taints” the outcome unnecessarily. Pro football is another sport that comes to mind where this occurs all too often now.

    Murray may win, but if so, his name should have an asterick beside it and that is unfortunate.

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