Obama and Republicans: Let’s try to work together – The Oval: Tracking the Obama presidency


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One Response to “Obama and Republicans: Let’s try to work together – The Oval: Tracking the Obama presidency”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    We hear this same rhetoric (Let’s try to work together……”) from every administration that comes along and very very few ever really succeed. Part of the reason, however, I believe, is because we are a truly divisive country on certain issues, around 50/50, and rightfully so, both sides simply won’t budge. The answer could be for each side to simply make concessions where you can and to meet each other half way. Then maybe something will get accomplished. But again, easier said than done.

    All I can say is, I will keep hoping that one day it will happen and the President who actually does succeed, has my utmost attention and respect, no matter whether I agree totally with them or not.

    Along those lines, I do believe that we have a President who is sincere and whose proverbial “heart is in the right place”. I also believe that Bush was the same but he did not have the knack to make people understand him. Maybe President Obama does.

    Nevertheless, if our leader is sincere, most on the other side should begin to see this as time goes on and follow there example (sincerity over symbolism). Then we might actually get somewhere. It has to start there, otherwise, none of them will ever be able to come together enough to agree on anything. But both sides really do need to consider meeting the other halfway, enough where it will make a difference. That has to be the answer.

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