Sheriff believes balloon incident was a ‘real event’ –


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3 Responses to “Sheriff believes balloon incident was a ‘real event’ –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    So glad the kid’s alive. But now this seems to be turning into something that is also very troubling.

    Looks like we may have another example of bad parenting skills on display. When you couple that with the “drop out Dad” epidemic (latest example brought to us courtesy of reality TV in the form of Jon Gosselin), and then this family and all the other families we see on The Nanny and Wife Swap (again ‘Thank You’ reality TV), it is a wonder that any of the kids will turn out to be anything close to ‘normal’.

    I don’t know the statistics but I just hope and pray these examples that we see on reality TV are the exception, rather than the norm in our society as a whole. Because if not, “Houston we have a problem”.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    If the kid was referring to the “Wife Swap” show when he said ….”we did it for the show”, then somebody probably planted the stunt in the kids mind during the taping of the ‘Wife Swap’ show as a prank that was never carried out for the actual filming of the show but for some reason, the kids decided to go ahead with it now.

    That could be a probable theory here. If so, then who or what planted the thought in the kids mind? I don’t see kids that young coming up with that idea at that young of an age on their own, but I could be wrong. I was six or seven when I decided to try and set my parents wooden fence around our yard on fire. I think I got the idea from watching TV or something but no adult put me up to it.

  3. jbintenn Says:

    Anyway, if I am interviewing the parents further about this, I would start out by asking them…..”Are you aware of anytime during the filming of “Wife Swap” or during any time previously that this ‘balloon incident’ might have been discussed as a ‘prank or stunt’ in front of the kids?”

    By the way the parents reacted after little Falcon said …’we did it for the show” and the way the father acted when asked about that comment during this morning’s interview, they sure seem like they know more than they are telling.

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