Survey: 72% of Millennials ‘more spiritual than religious’ –


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One Response to “Survey: 72% of Millennials ‘more spiritual than religious’ –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    Are we willing to let go of our selfish desires and just ask Jesus to reveal Himself to us first before we draw any conclusions based on mere human intellect? It has to start there. Human pride will get in the way every time and never allow any of us to see Him for who He really is.

    If we approach this ‘God thing’ with all the intellect we can muster, it will never ever be enough to ‘figure things out’ and we will never ever find the answer.

    Christ wants to show us but we have to let Him show us first. He gave us all the proof we should ever need in His word and He wants us to except it at face value. Then and only then will He become real to us. Don’t let pride or foolishness stand in the way. We need to just be willing to except Him for who He says He is in His word, not who we want Him to be. That’s it. Jesus will do the rest.

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