Two suicide bombings kill at least 38 in Moscow subway –


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One Response to “Two suicide bombings kill at least 38 in Moscow subway –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    Whether it is called a suicide, or homocidal attack, all I know is that it is evil. It will take a change in the heart and minds of the men and women who carry out these evil acts by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to fully eradicate it or until He returns to establish His kingdom on earth, whichever comes first. And prayer is our biggest weapon against this evil asking that God will change these hearts and minds according to His will.

    If we are going to be mad at anything, it should be Satan, the ruler of all evil and darkness in this world as we know it now. To attach evil that is so despicable to something that was and is intended for good, i.e. dare I use the term “religion”, can only be from the ruler of darkness.

    But there is hope….thank God there is hope. Jesus has already defeated Satan and we have that reassurance in His word. As Jesus taught us….”get thee behind me Satan”…..and……”Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world”. We can rest on that and declare that Satan has already been ultimately defeated. So the good news is this evil in our midst today will not be allowed to reign supreme and will one day be gone forever. And in the meantime, God has provided to us the answer, his Holy Spirit to dwell within our hearts if only we humble ourselves and pray and invite Him in, to live with confidence and assurance that He is ultimately in control, not Satan.

    Further still, , God is telling us to make sure we have our own house in order first and foremost and our hearts right with Him. It all starts there. Then go out and live for Jesus everyday, trusting in Him, obeying Him, seeking His will for our lives everyday for His glory and the rest will take care of itself. Pray as He taught us to pray that He would deliver us from this evil in the world and then go out and live for Him. It is the only way to find true contentment and joy. In Him there truly is the “peace that passes all understanding”.

    I felt led to share this and it is meant in the spirit of Love. “Fear not for I am with you”. I pray that the people of Moscow will hear this.

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