Al-Sadr faults U.S. occupation for Iraq’s woes –


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One Response to “Al-Sadr faults U.S. occupation for Iraq’s woes –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    I smell a rat and it is Al Sadr.

    He is obvioulsy in bed with the Iranians and only wants to reign supreme after we get out, which is why he is condeming the U.S in the first place.

    We did him a favor by ridding the country of his foe, Saddam Hussein and now he sees an opportunity for him to gain power of the country. He should be thanking the U.S. but instead decides to ridicule us?

    If we leave, it means another dictatorial regime will fill the vacuum left behind, only this time led by Al Sadr himself and Iran will have free reign in the country to promote its anti-western hatred and yes, be a safe haven for more terrorists, the likes of which we are trying to eliminate.

    This is a battle of hearts and minds and we cannot let the likes of an Al Sadr take his anti-American, anti-western extreme views and put them front and center in Iraq. It will be Saddam all over again, only worse.

    What we have already established there must be allowed to flourish. It is in our national security’s interest, like President Bush has said, and therefore much is at stake and we must prevail over there.

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