Bush, Democrats blast each other over Iraq spending bill – USATODAY.com


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4 Responses to “Bush, Democrats blast each other over Iraq spending bill – USATODAY.com”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    I really do not care about how we got where we are in Iraq right now. I will have time to reason that later. I do know this, however, you cannot deny that the fight we are in over there now is indirectly related to 9/11. That is all I need to reason through to justify it for me. It is not directly related but indirectly.

    The question for me and should be for all of us is what are we going to do about the present situation we are in now, regardless of what you think about it and what will it mean for our security as a nation in the future depending on what happens? That is all I care about for this generation’s sake and for future generations.

    I see what we are doing in Iraq directly related to what is in our best national security interest….long term. If people do not see it that way, then no wonder there are those that struggle with this.

    Therefore, to pull out prematurely and leave things in a vacuum state would be disasterous for us…..long term. The same type terrorists that flew airplanes into buildings over here are over there now and if we do not succeed, they will come back over here on our shores sooner or later.

    So pulling out with unfinished business is our ticket to peace? How so? They will come back on our shores with more resolve than ever if we pull out. It may or may not happen in our generation, but common sense dictates that it will happen. You nay-sayers cannot prove that it won’t happen anymore that I can prove it will but can we afford to take a chance? Because of this conflict over there now being indirectly related to 9/11 then how can we afford to think of stopping short and pulling out?

    The President tried to warn us that this would be a “different fight”. One that would take a long time. He has and still asks for our patience. After four years of this war, many have decided this is long enough. Is it, when you think of this in terms of being in our long term national security interest? How long is long term for many people? It obviously is not long enough.

    Are we paying a price for being over there? Absolutely.

    Ask yourself, though, what kind of price could be exacted on us or a future generation involving our children or their children if we pull out now and leave Iraq to the same kind of evil that caused people to fly planes into our buildings over there to do its bidding. Picture future terrorist acts over here on our shores only this time involving nuclear weapons. Why is Iran so interested in us pulling out of Iraq now and why are they vigorously pursuing nuclear technology?

    We have to exact a price, a sacrifice now, so that we will not have to exact a much heavier sacrifice later. Those that want to pull out now will get us out of harm’s way for now but for how long? No one knows what the future will bring but anyone with common sense and the willingness to be truthful will reason that it will only get worse if we leave with unfinished business.

    Is the hatred for our country that many argue we are causing to increase by being over there worse than the consequences of what could happen if we stop and pull out? Nope.

    How selfish for this generation to not have the stomach to see this through and then leave the potential for something unimaginable for our children to face?

    The nay-sayers will try to convince the rest of us that the price we are paying now far exceeds what it would be if we would only leave them alone since they have been fighting for thousands of years over there and none of this involves us. That worked and I was in full agreement with them before 9/11 happened. Remember you have to admit that the consequences we face over in Iraq is indirectly related to 9/11 which should cause all of us to have the resolve necessary to make the needed sacrifices now so that we do not pay a much bigger price later. How hard is that to understand?

    They( the Islamic extremism movement) has forced us to face this now. The President called this the defining moment of our generation. We cannot afford to fail for our children’s sake.

    Remember, pay a smaller price now, yes, but pay a bigger price later if we fail. Which do you want to face up to? It has to be one or the other. You cannot ignore it and say it will just go away or we are making things worse over there so we need to make it better by leaving. That logic, again, is logic of a time long gone that existed before 9/11. It doesn’t work like that anymore.

    We are in a battle of hearts and minds over there now that will take more than our military might to resolve but we have to see it through and part of that is to stay for as long as it takes in Iraq….period.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    Yup. Both sides are guilty.

    Not any of us can ‘cast the first stone’.

    We need to do a better job of holding those that we elect into office more accountable.

    I think 2006 was a good start.

    Problem is which party do we vote for in 2008? Democrats are already overplaying their hand and will only tighten that noose that is already around their neck in the months to come over this Iraq issue. Poor judgement is already being shown by their leaders and it will only get worse, when their true intentions become revealed that is only getting power back that is important to them.

    Is it time to go ‘independent’, libertarian, green party perhaps?

  3. jbintenn Says:


    Love your emotional appeal for a ‘call to arms’ but you should emphasize more that both sides in Washington are guilty of this and both need to be held accountable.

    The political machine in Washington is at work and unfortunately both Dems and Repubs get caught up in it at our expense.

  4. jbintenn Says:

    I agree with you, intelman2015, that the more pressing issue on my mind lately is the Dems playing political games with our military in a time of war.

    I have not written yet to my representatives, however, so thank you for bringing out the importance of all of us to express our opinon not just here but more importantly to our elected reps.

    There is enough blame to go around and both sides can be accused of playing political games at the expense of we the people.

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