Bush’s approval rating sits below 40% – USATODAY.com


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2 Responses to “Bush’s approval rating sits below 40% – USATODAY.com”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    And do you think he cares about his low approval ratings? He is in office to get the ‘people’s business’ done and does not care about his ratings like the media wants him and all of us to care about them.

    This is an appeal to the Republican base that elected President Bush to Washington. If you are anti-Bush please do not read any further because you will not understand what I am talking about anyway.

    Maybe he is who he said he was during his campaign….a Washington outsider whose number one desire is to get some work done in Washington for a change and not get caught up in the Washington politics of the day.

    Too bad that he is so misunderstood by many people. Maybe one day he will be understood but it will be long after he is gone, I’m afraid.

    You would think that we the people would be able to see through this Washington facade and see him for who he really is. I thought the American people in general wanted someone in office for a change that would not play the Washington political games but I guess I was wrong.

    You know it really is obvious that it is those who do play the political games in Washington that keep us confused about who Preisdent Bush really is. Could it be because they are afraid of him?

    But the media is right there with them playing the same fiddle leading the charge with all the anti-Bush rhetoric. No wonder people mistake him for being arrogant. Just look at the picture the media decided to use for this story.

    More attempts to try and isolate him in the public’s mind and make him seem stubborn and out of touch.

    We finally have someone we said we wanted in office but we have been fooled by the Washington insiders again. Shame on us. I am not going to fall for it and would hope that at the end of the day, most Americans would follow suit. Why don’t we throw the Washington “politicians” a loop and get behind this President for a change? You want to see change in Washington?

    Think about it……many people see the President as the one who is arrogant but have you ever looked at it that he is the true Washington outsider that can make a difference and get some work done for us if we would only let him? It is the Washington ‘politicians’ who are the arrogant ones. This President wants to connect with us and get work done that many of us elected him to do.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    Cmart86 wrote:

    “And how can he be doing the “people’s business” if the people don’t like what he is doing? Or do we, the people, just not know what’s good for us?”

    Thanks for commenting on this.

    You have to look at it in the proper perspective to understand it. We elected or should I say, the majority elected him to office twice. He is still the same person he always was and has not changed. No one can argue that. After all, isn’t that part of what makes him seem “arrogant” or “stubborn” to many? Therefore, it is some of that majority then that has changed. So the burden is on those who have changed their position to explain themselves, not this President.

    Also, I find it quite refreshing that we finally have someone in office who does not change at the drop of a hat and sticks to their principles. Again, one of my points from the original post. I just wish more of that majority that elected him twice would see it that way too.

    Again, we the people have abandoned some of our principles here and so therefore have abandoned this President. The burden is on them to answer to that.

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