Senate approves Iraq spending bill –


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3 Responses to “Senate approves Iraq spending bill –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    “The president is forgetting who gave him his authority–the people. The people are now speaking, and a majority want out of this war. Bush is losing touch with the American public more and more. Sooner or later his actions will catch up with him.”

    I disagree. Our democracy is designed to hold elections every two years so that we the people have a voice and elect officials who we think will represent us.

    We spoke in 2004 and voted President Bush and his adminstration back into office for another four years. He is representing to the best of his abilities the ‘will of the people’ that put him back in office.

    We spoke again in 2006. They too are representing the ‘will of the people’.

    If surrounding circumstances have now caused the majority to swing in a different direction (as many are suggesting based on the ‘precious’ polls and the results of 2006 ), then we should expect the President to realign his positions to be more in line with the majority when it is us that have changed our views, not the President.

    The President did not abandon us but rather we abandoned him, and in a time of war. A true leader will stick to principle when it is in the best interest of the nation, even if the people of that nation abandon their principles. It is simply sour grapes to suggest otherwise.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    PMAmburn wrote:

    “It’s one thing to say you oppose the war. But in 2002, Congress voted overwhelmingly (77-23 in the Senate and 296-133 in the House, with lots of Democratic support) to give President Bush the green light to remove Saddam Hussein, based on the best intelligence we had at the time. And they all saw the same intelligence, the same intelligence that lead many a democrat to come to the same conclusion along with their commander in chief bubba Clinton.
    Back then, the war was both popular and just. Have there been mistakes, yes state a war where there were no mistakes made. As a historian I have studied every war that American has been involved in. In all there were mistakes that have affected public opinion and have provided fodder for the opposition party. Nothing new here.
    At various times General George Washington was maligned by politicians and the public alike. Lincoln was almost ran out of DC, New York rioted over the Civil War, several states stayed in the Union only because they were held under Marshal Law and Lincoln kept changing Generals until he settled on Grant. American public sentiment was 50/50 during WWI. After Guadalcanal public opinion was for the removal of General McArthur. And the list goes on and on and on. Set back after set back and there were always those who wanted to sue for peace. In all there were those who opposed America’s even being at war. Even the very first foreign war this country was involved in, against Islamist Pirates (Barbary Pirates) and the States that harbored and profited from them, there were those who wanted to continue paying tribute to them.
    Today, it remains just but the Democrats have walked away. A sad day for them, their party and the country they serve.”

    Thank you, PMAmburn for taking the time to point out the crucial fact that many of us really need to put all of this in the proper context.

    A good dose of historical perspective is so critical in times like this and I thank you for your efforts.

  3. jbintenn Says:

    I wish the blogs were like they use to be when you could scroll down and see all the posts on the same page. Much easier to absorb it all.

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