Franklin Graham wants Obama to step in on Prayer Day slight –


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3 Responses to “Franklin Graham wants Obama to step in on Prayer Day slight –”

  1. jbintenn Says:

    “The Task Force requires all its organizers and prayer leaders to sign a statement of beliefs agreeing that salvation is only through Christ and that the Bible is inerrant — views not shared by all Christians, including Catholics and many mainline Protestants.”

    Since when did some “Christians” lose sight of what our faith has always stood for – Only one way to heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord? The Bible is pretty clear about this and you either believe it or you don’t.

    Those that have strayed from that core belief are the ones who have compromised the traditions of the Chrstian belief to one that is more secular and therefore, in my mind, have left the faith. So let’s not confuse the two. Let them be called something else, just not Christians.

    I support Rev. Graham for taking a stand where it needs to be.

  2. jbintenn Says:

    clearhead5 wrote:
    “The guy is just trying to polarize the nation even more.
    That does not sound like a man of god.
    He sounds like a freaky fundamentalist. My way or no way??”


    No, I disagree. Rev. Graham is simply following the teachings of Christ. Jesus himself said. “I am the way, the truth, the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” There are no gray areas here. You either believe it that way or you don’t. And yes, I would call that fundamentalism which accepts God’s Word at face value. When you don’t accept it at face value, you allow secularism to take over and that is what Christianity is faced with today.

    If this somehow offends people nowadays, I am sorry for them and pray for them. Remember, it is people who are deciding to change and question many of the Bible’s core principles. God’s Word is clear and has never changed.

    To me, I long for things that still hold true and never change and are ‘black and white’. I think you have many folks who simply don’t want to accept that anymore and that is ashamed. It creates a slippery slope and will always end in futility.

    Our nation simply needs to hear this kind of message more and more and thank God for Rev. Graham not wavering. If it causes division, then so be it, but not in a defiant arrogant way but in the name of love. In fact, it is only natural that a ‘divide’ will be created. There are things worth fighting for that will never change and always remain ‘black and white’. So yes, this will create that ‘fence’ or ‘division’ you mention. It just depends on which side of the fence you choose to be on.

    Build your house on the Rock and stick close to those ‘core’ teachings that Jesus taught us. You won’t be sorry and you will finally find the ‘peace that passes ALL understanding”. God Bless You.

  3. jbintenn Says:

    “elaine-aragon (0 friends, send message) wrote: 16m ago
    Franklin Graham does not understand the message of Christ, that we should love one another and forgive each other. His message of hate and intolerance is a perversion of Christianity.”


    There is no message of ‘hate and intolerance’ here by Rev. Graham. But rather, he is standing up for those truths that Jesus taught us and doing it in the name of ‘love and forgiveness’. He is intolerant, yes, but only of those views that oppose the truth just as Jesus was. Just as God hates sin, not the sinner, Rev. Graham hates the sin made up of these views today that opposes the word of God and what Jesus taught us, not those that espouse them. He also wants people to know God’s love in the way that he believes God intended and Jesus commanded us to do.

    When you discipline your children when they do wrong, does that mean you hate them? No, you do it because you love them. But you realize it is important that they be taught to discern between the two. No different here with Rev. Graham or any Christian who sees the world through Christ’s eyes. This is so important and people really need to understand the difference.

    Finally, was Jesus sending a message of hate and intolerance when he threw the people out of the temple in anger? Christ came to this earth in the name of love to save us from our sins and yet Jesus was crucified because He was misunderstood by the secular world. So was He the one that was intolerant or His accusers? I’m afraid many today would accuse Him of being intolerant and be the ones chanting ‘crucify Him, crucify Him”. Let Christ open your eyes and allow you to see the difference.

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